How do we broadcast your brand?

Learn about your:

Brand, size, process
“Macro” factors – current vs. goals:
  • business profile
  • brand(s) profile
  • sales process
  • delivery process
  • customer experience process
Product/service & pricing
“Micro” factors – current vs. goals:
  • product(s) and/or service(s) profile
  • pricing & features profile
  • sales trends and opportunities
Target: sales, client, market
Intended target(s) & wishlist:
  • define your key targets
  • your view of competitors
  • your view of market, potential partners

Analyze & strategize:

Your strengths and opportunities
Analyze and review with your feedback (SWOT):
  • strengths
  • weaknesses
  • opportunities
  • threats
Our solutions by industry
Boost your brand with your proven:
  • industry-specific solutions
  • for branding via social media, website, and video
  • learn more
Go-forward broadcast plan
Combine client input and our analysis to:
  • define a go-forward plan & level of service(s)
  • define timeline(s)
  • establish measurement criteria

Build & broadcast:

Organize specialist teams
Identify the right skill sets and team(s):
  • choose the skill sets required
  • identify the aligned team(s) within the 3mantra framework
  • reconfirm deliverable(s)
Build relevant service modules
Build your digital broadcast assets:
  • project kick-off
  • project plan confirmation per team leader
  • timeline defined for phased delivery
Broadcast across relevant channels
Broadcast as per schedule:
  • final client review(s)
  • publish digital asset(s) as per schedule
  • additional feedback from team leaders