Service modules


Pay only a low, fixed monthly cost, rather than spending thousands of dollars on up-front retainers.


Promote your brand with a team of professionals who are experts in their field, but without the cost of hiring employees.


Everything is managed for you. You’ll never have to learn how to use any complicated software.


You won’t be left alone with a website and social media accounts at the end of the month. We’ll be there with you month to month, driving traffic and generating leads.

Beyond the web

Take your brand beyond the web with PR and media-authority channels, writing and blogging services, and even a film and TV production studio!

Our services include the following:

-1- Website Development

Mobile, Display and E-commerce based websites to list your product/service offerings, or conduct end-to-end transactions.

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-2- Social Media & SEO

To gain 'digital attention' requires professional efforts beyond just having a website; the need for constant digital broadcast via Social Media & SEO is of equal importance.

-3- Animation / Video

Incorporating 'motion' (animation or video) across key platforms (Website, Ads, Social Media) significantly increases lead prospecting and client conversion.

-4- Writing (Copyedit) / Photography / Design

At the heart of it - capturing 'eyeball attention' - is the first step in gaining market attention and trust. Businesses who do not invest in Professional Design or Writing simply allow their competition to take lead.

-5- 3mantra provides a complete Managed Service

We manage the various designers, writers, coders, animators, photographers involved in your Professional Brand Broadcast & to deliver to you, a professionally organized, integrated service.

Launching soon, our two new service solution offerings:

Motion by 3mantra is our bulk animation/video “factory” service for publishers and advertisers to maximize viewership of their potential audience.

Mission by 3mantra service will add sales-on-demand services for clients who wish to supplement their marketing efforts with direct sales strategy.